Tipping Guide in Gay Brazil

Tipping Guide For Gay Brazil


  • Restaurants –
    Most include a service charge to the bill of 10-15%. If this is included, there is no need to leave more.
  • Taxis –
    It is not necessary to pay any more than the exact value of the fare.
  • Hotel Staff –
    Bellboy 5-10R, Doorman Valet 5-10R, Housekeeper 5-10R. I find that these people are the most important in the hotel. I also often find that tipping my housekeeper daily that I end up with extra flowers, etc. that makes my stay more enjoyable.
  • Sauna Boy20 R bare minimum if they are good. Remember that a Big and Tasty meal at McDonald`s cost 13R. If a guy is VERY good, tip accordingly. I don`t want to be accused again of destroying the Brazilian economy like I was last year, so I won`t say my true feelings on this. If someone is amazing, tip him what you think the value is to you.
  • Towel Boy –
    I often tip 5R for the towel boy and ask them to keep an eye on my locker.
  • Bartender –
    If I go to a Disco, I will often leave a tip with the bartender of 5R. When I do this the first time, they always come straight to me when there is a huge crowd. It makes life easier.
  • Doormen –
    Most doormen at the bars and discos will take a tip to let you in so you don`t have to stand in line. If I am with a group, I find that 50R gets the entire group in fast.
  • These are ONLY suggestions. Do what you feel is right and what you are comfortable with.

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