Meio Mundo Gay Sauna in Rio 3

Termas Meio Mundo in Gay Brazil

Meio Mundo is rent boy city! Plus stripper shows, private room and a cafe that serves food. Note, however, that if you are going here, take a taxi, and have them call you a taxi when you leave – it may be fun inside, but it’s a bit sketchy outside. However, for those that are familiar with the area, it is fairly easy to get to the subway. The area is always packed with people and the streets are usually busy. However, just outside the doors, I have always been able to find a taxi quickly.

Meio Mundo does not have showers inside their rooms. It is not as nice as many of the other saunas in Rio but it is always full of boys and usually more twinks here than any other sauna. It is for this reason, this has been my favorite for the last 2 trips.

Termas Meio Mundo | Rua Teófilo Otoni, 18 | 21 2233-0930

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