Pointe 202 Sold

The most famous and one of the oldest saunas in Rio De Janeiro has been sold. Pointe 202 has been a staple in the gay Rio community for many years. It is conveniently located in Copacabana Beach and it often called one of the busiest saunas in Brazil.

The new owners are the same guys as own Meio Munido.

Check out the conversation on the BoyToy forums!

Address:┬áRua Siqueira Campos, 202 – Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 22031-070, Brazil

Pointe-202-Rio-Gay-Sauna-1 Pointe-202-Rio-Gay-Sauna-2 Pointe-202-Rio-Gay-Sauna-3 Pointe-202-Rio-Gay-Sauna-4 Pointe-202-Rio-Gay-Sauna-5

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