Pointe 202 Gay Sauna in Rio De Janeiro

Sauna Point 202

In addition to full sauna facilities and services, there are raunchy drag shows, sexy stripper shows, escorts galore, private cabins, video rooms, and a generally fun vibe. Show up late for the most action. Many years ago Pointe use to be the place to go but in recent times, the number of boys and customers have slowed down and it is very quite at times.

The sauna recently sold and changed owners so it is wait and see if the new owners will return this sauna to its earlier glory.

Pointe-202-Rio-Gay-Sauna-1 Pointe-202-Rio-Gay-Sauna-12 Pointe-202-Rio-Gay-Sauna-11 Pointe-202-Rio-Gay-Sauna-10 Pointe-202-Rio-Gay-Sauna-9 Pointe-202-Rio-Gay-Sauna-8 Pointe-202-Rio-Gay-Sauna-6 Pointe-202-Rio-Gay-Sauna-5 Pointe-202-Rio-Gay-Sauna-4 Pointe-202-Rio-Gay-Sauna-3 Pointe-202-Rio-Gay-Sauna-2Sauna Point 202 | Rua Siqueira Campos, 202 |

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