Gay Porto Alegre

Gay Porto Alegre

Gay Porto Alegre Brazil 7Cruising – The Boy Toy Guide To Porto Alegre, Brazil

Ah, the beautiful boy toys from Brazil, looking to hang out, hook up and play gay with all the hairy bears, terrific twinks and deep-throating daddies in the land!

We all love Brazil. From the cheap prices (not only of escorts, you pervs) to the beautiful scenery to the hot bronzed men, Brazil has something for everyone.

But all too often guys will stick to Rio, which is fun, but you can only cum in the Copacabana so many times before it just becomes old school! You want to expand your horny horizons and scope out the rest of the country – which, honestly, is bigger than the 48 states – and see where else you can have a sinfully delicious sexcation!

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Porto Alegre – Your One-Stop Boy Toy Shop!

Porto Alegre, the state capitol of Rio Grande do Sol, is one of the wealthiest cities in Brazil and has the highest literacy rate of any city in the country. You’ll see much less poverty here than in the rest of the country, and a lower crime rate. So, you’ll feel safe for yourself and sorry for fewer people.

That said, Porto Alegre is sort of a one-stop shop. There aren’t a lot of touristy things to do. It’s more of a place to cool your heels for a couple days while traveling from Brazil to Argentina. Because it’s the port city connecting the two nations, you’ll find that there is a mix of Spanish and Portuguese spoken here.

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The city is very fag-friendly, and you’ll have no problems getting your gay on. Much of the scene revolves around the saunas – which are very inexpensive compared to Europe or America, but slightly more expensive than what you’ll find in Rio. There are many threads on boytoy about the sauna of choice for most of us and it is the only sauna I have been to in Brazil that seems to be built ground up from day 1 to be a true sauna. However, please do not spend every day and night only in this pleasure paradise. Get out and enjoy other places as Porto Alegre is an amazing city for many reasons!

There are several gay clubs – whose names change about as often as a rich daddy changes boy toys – but all are easy to find and located in the neighborhood between Avenida Maua and Avenida Ipiranga. Just look for the rainbow flags and you’ll know where to go when you want to go down.

Cruising The Night Away

Cruising is a popular sport in Porto Alegre – and you’ll find an interesting mix between masculine men on the low-down and rent boys on the ho-down! These areas are pretty consistent.

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Check out:

    • The restrooms at Praca de Alfandega, a public part near the center of town.
    • The shopping center on Rua de Praia. This is just next door to the Praca; you can often cruise guys here and then head over to the park.
    • Parque da Redencao. At night this park is full of rent boys who will be more than willing to take you into the bushes for a few minutes.
    • Bourbon Assis Brasi. This shopping mall is also a hot cruising spot for those who like bathroom blow jobs. (And, really, if the boy toy is cute enough, who doesn’t?)
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Turgid Tourism

Porto Alegre is much more of a stopover point than a tourist mecca. You’ll probably want to check in, check out the guys, do the hokey pokey with the boy toy of your choice, and move on in a day or two.
That said, there are some fun things to do in the day while you wait for the nightlife to take you away.

Taking the Linha Turismo bus is the first place to start. It takes roughly an hour and a half, and will go through nearly all the neighborhoods in the city. This will give you a chance to get the lay of the land, and understand how Porto Alegre is laid out so you’ll be ready to get laid yourself at night.

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The biggest tourist site is the Monumento aos Açorianos – a giant 17-meter monument to the original city settlers. Far more impressive, however, is the Santuário Mãe de Deus church, which is not only beautiful itself but also offers fabulous views of the city, the port and the water. The downside is that no public transportation goes there, so you’ll have to take a cab if you haven’t rented a car.

But by far the best thing to do in Porto Alegre is to watch the sunset over the Guaíba river. It is one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll find anywhere, and you can see it from nearly any location on the western side of the city.

If you happen to be gaying around Porto Alegre in the summer (which is our winter) then hiring a boat to go on a river cruise can be fun.

There isn’t much in the sense of cultural events in the city, except in October when the Feira do Livro – South America’s most respected book fair happens. This is your chance to get great deals on rare books, talk with authors, and meet smart boy toys!

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Gay Porto Alegere – A Quick Stop To Hop On Cock!

Whether you just want a break from the breakneck speed of Rio or are traveling on to Argentina and other points in South America, Porto Alegre is well worth a couple days of your time. And, remember that weekends are best as the saunas are filled with hot boys and often the weeks are a bit slow for paid companions.

So, cruise on by when you are ready to cruise. You won’t feel pressured to be a tourist during the day, so you can dance and fuck the night away.

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Special thanks to the guys at BoyToy for helping with this article. Their forums on Gay Brazil are the best for up to date information on the scene in Brazil for gay travelers!

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