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Gay Florianopolis – The Secret Is Out And Proud!

Some gay destinations are obvious. Everyone knows that Bangkok, San Francisco and New York are great places to visit when you want to get your gay on. Cruising the Castro is a cliché for a reason.

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But, you don’t always want to go to the places where the gay tourists flock to, do you? Because otherwise, you end up mostly banging the cock fantastic with other tourists. Sometimes you want a bit of local flavor.

You want to go where the people from that area head off to when they want to have a gay old time. That’s why Montpellier, France is a better destination than Paris for gay guys, and it’s why Florianopolis, Brazil is the best kept secret of South America.

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Florianopolis is where gays who live in Brazil or Argentina go on their vacations – which makes sense, because this city, which is half-mainland and half-island, is exactly halfway between Buenos Aires and Rio.

And, it’s a tropical paradise where the prices have yet to be inflated by a rush of First World tourists. If you want to see what gay South America is really like and sexperience the locals, then Florianopolis is where you want to go to get your gay on – it may be the hottest trip you ever take.

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In fact, the popular magazine BAGA has named Florianopolis the “best place to live in Brazil.”

But if you want to go and seem like one of the cool kids, don’t call the city by its given name. Instead, do as the locals do (and as we’ll do in the rest of this article) and call it “Floripa” – since even the Brazilians can’t spell its name properly!

So, my manly men, burly bears and turgid twinks, let’s go local and learn about a Floripa gaycation!

Life’s A Beach in Gay Florianopolis

The main reason to hit Floripa are the beaches. There are more than 100 of them on the mainland and the island, and you can find whatever scene you are looking for.

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One bit of advice is to stay away from the more southern beaches, particularly Praia dos Açores by Pantano do Sul, because they are lesbian cruising grounds and not only will it be hard for you to get laid; you may not want to see what lesbians get up to when they are getting their gay on.

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Instead, if you are horny, check out Praia Galheta, where there is a lot of cruising and you can easily get laid in the nearby sand dunes. If you just want to lay out and get a tan, most of the other beaches will work out just fine for you. Going to the beach will be your main activity during the day, so plan on cumming home as brown as a berry.

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Homophobia Is A Crime in Gay Florianopolis

To give you an example of just how gay-friendly Floripa is, since 2009 any act or statement that indicates homophobia is considered a crime. That’s right, if some meathead calls you a “faggot” you can go to the cops and have him arrested.

Gay men can expect to be welcomed and treated with respect – and if you live in a Red State, a week or two in Floripa may be just what you need.

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The Gayborhood in Gay Florianopolis

While most of the city has its share of gay bars and saunas, the heaviest concentration is around Praia de Jurerê. Here is where you’ll find megaclubs that are often bigger than their counterparts in Rio. You’ll also find gay restaurants, shops, and steam rooms.

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It goes without saying that there are tons of rent boys in the clubs and saunas – and if you check out the local gay publications, you’ll find listings for tons of gay escorts. That said, given the number of gay tourists from Argentina and Brazil you may very well be able to get down without hiring a boy, so try to pick up a local tourist first – and save your money for a nice cocktail instead of cock!

Gay Events

There are several dozen gay events during the year in Floripa, but two of them really stand out. The first is the Pop Gay competition, held every year as part of the Carnivale celebration. This is a drag queen beauty contest that attracts between 50,000 and 70,000 people each year.

The second is the Semana da Diversidade, an entire Gay Pride week held every September. The highlight of the week are the Diversity Games – a sort of local Olympics for gay athletes and the men who love them.

Wholesome Activities

The most popular non-sexual activity in Floripa is whale watching. You can hire a boat and a guide cheaply and see whales doing their thing. In the spring, you can even watch mama whales taking care of their young.

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Of course, there are also tons of water sports available including parasailing, scuba diving, and even sandboarding.

Go Local In Floripa!

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Ok, now you know the inside scoop – so let’s meet up in Floripa! You can have the Argentinians, and I’ll take the Brazilians!

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