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Getting naked to fight homophobia in Gay Brazil

It might surprise you to learn that Brazil is not a safe place for the LGBT+ community.

The figures speak for themselves: According to the Los Angeles Times homophobic or transphobic attacks in Brazil number close to one a day.

LGBT rights group Grupo Gay da Bahia revealed that in 2014 326 lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals were killed in attacks; with the highest number of deaths occurring in São Paulo state.

To capture the worlds attention and raise awareness about what is happening in Brazil Felippe Canale and his boyfriend Marlon Moro went down to one of São Paulo’s avenues – Avenida Paulista – and took their clothes off.

See full article here!

For the full Shoot, click here!

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Gay Rio DeJaneiro Club 117

Club 117 Gay Boy Sauna, Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Gay Sauna

This sauna has all the usual facilities that a great Brazilian sauna has, including a video room with comfy seating and a dark room. Their cabins are notable for being almost hotel-like and very clean. But it also has a full-fledged cabaret-style nightclub in it, as well as a more chill bar and an outdoor bar area as well. A lot of boytoys come here and the escorts are in red towels for efficient cruising.

Gay Rio DeJaneiro Club 117

Club 117 is in the Gloria area and it is safe and very easy to get either a taxi or the subway. Walk down the street (down hill) to the first street and go right. There is a taxi stand right there. You can also easily find the subway to take you to other areas in Rio. There are several little food vendors in the area that are cheap and quite good. If you go out of Club 117 and turn left to go down the hill, you will find several wonderful little Brazilian outdoor cafe like food stands. Turn the corner and there is a plethora of taxis waiting for you and they all love taking gringos to Copacabana and other places near the beach!

The rooms, the atmosphere and the abundance of boytoys make 117 one of the best places to spend a late afternoon or early evening in Gay Rio!

Club 117 | R. Cândido Mendes, 117 | 21 2252-0160 |

Fragata Sauna in Gay Sao Paulo Photo 5

Termas Fragata Boy Sauna in Gay Sao Paulo

Fragata Sauna in Gay Sao Paulo Photo 1Fragata is in fact a sauna, with all that implies, including private rooms and suites. They are a “boy sauna” which means that you can meet and go with a guy for money. As prostitution is legal in Brazil, the saunas are normally where this activity and action occurs. However, Fragata is particularly proud of their stripper shows and other hosted events, so stick around for the talent! Sunday and Tuesday are the best days in terms of a decent crowd of eligible boy toys as well as local delicacies.

Fragata Sauna in Gay Sao Paulo Photo 2

Fragata Sauna in Gay Sao Paulo Photo 3But, I have found that any day that you are willing to wait and be patient, Mr. Right Now will walk in the door. Some people go to a sauna, don’t see anyone they want to spend time with and they leave. I am the opposite. I get there early, sit and have a drink in a good spot where I can see all the incoming newbies and I wait. I don’t mind waiting a few hours and I always get at least 10 guys come over to chat and try to get me to partake in their passions.

But, as Fragata is one of several saunas in gay Sao Paulo, if you don’t find the boytoy you want, go somewhere else and give it a shot. But, if you stick around a few hours, you will be entertained and have a good time even if you are not going to a room with anyone. The shows here are fun and the clientele is very knowledgeable about the gay scene in Sao Paulo.

Termas Fragata | Rua Francisco Leitão, 71| (11) 3085-7061 |

Fragata Sauna in Gay Sao Paulo Photo 4 Fragata Sauna in Gay Sao Paulo Photo 5

I would like to thank the guys over at the Boytoy Forums for their great as their Latin America – South of the Border Forum is the best info available for the gay scene in Sao Paulo.

LaGoa Thermas Sauna in Gay Sao Paulo Photo 4

Lagoa Sauna in Gay Sao Paulo

Lagoa is the King of saunas in Sao Paulo. When you walk in, there are 2 separate ways to enter. To the left is for the boys, they pay less to get in but they do pay. To the right is for the clients.

LaGoa Thermas Sauna in Gay Sao Paulo Photo 4

The lockers seem safe to keep you valuables in but I often keep them on me anyway. Past the lockers you pass a TV room with many hot studs sitting wanking off. Past that, there is a hallway that leads to the main dining and sitting area. You can order food and drinks and it is all charged to your locker number. Be careful not to give this out to all the boys or you will find you have treated many to lunch and dinner. 🙂

In this room, they have a stage. I have seen Karoke and singing and shows of all sorts. You also have a bird’s eye view of the showers as it is a glassed in area and the guys go in to show you their goods. And, my oh my, what goods they have!

LaGoa has a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi. I have never seen anyone in the pool as it seems to be cold but the Jacuzzi is often full. In the same area are some private showers that you can shower more privately. Notice I say more privately. Not totally private.

There is a movie theater room that is dark and fun. They have a place for massage and for haircuts. The facility is well done and overall a great experience.

LaGoa Thermas Sauna in Gay Sao Paulo Photo 3

I took my tour guide. The entrance fee was 25R each and we both had a suite and drinks and a sandwich. We spent a total of 160R for the afternoon. But, we also bought a few boys drinks and 2 lunch. They also put the condom and lube you take from them for a suite added to your bin.

LaGoa Thermas Sauna in Gay Sao Paulo Photo 2

Lagoa is excellent and a fun place to get to see some of the hottest sauna boys and boytoys in Brazil.

R. Borges Lagoa, 287
Vila Mariana
Sao Paulo, Brazil


Gay Brazil Food Photo 4

The Mercadao Municipal in Gay Sao Paulo

The Mercadao Municipal is an amazing covered market in the downtown area of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The building is housed inside a gigantic train station looking building. The windows are beautiful stained glass and a series of vast domes. The market specializes in fresh produce and dried goods but for me, it is famous for the sandwiches that Anthony Boudain raved about. He suggested I get the mortadella sandwiches and pasteis, pockets of dough stuffed with meat, cheese or fish and then fried.

The Italian mortadella sandwich is the signature item at the Bar do Mané, one of the oldest shops in the market. The sandwich is piled as high as the lines at Disney World. I ordered both today but didn’t know how amazingly filling they were and thus, I had to take one home with me for dinner. The cost for each one is about 11R or 6USD.

I also fell in love with one cheese place that offered me sample after sample. I tasted each one and then I bought some for sandwiches and crackers later.

The place is abuzz with people and everyone ordering food, laughing and having a good time. It was enjoyable and such a great experience. I would highly recommend this to everyone!

The Pasteis de Camarao (hot shrimp pastry pockets) were one of the best things I have even bitten! (and that says a lot) I’ll be going back to this place on many many days in the future. It has become a favorite of mine!




Lellis Trattoria in Gay Sao Paulo

Lellis is one of the best Italian Restaurants in the city. It is family style so you really only need to order one item and you can share it with 1 or 2 other people. We decided on the Shrimp Risotto and it was great. The place was empty when we got there. The dinner was great and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Lellis is not cheap by any means and a meal for two will cost about 200 R with drinkss. The service is great, the food tastes great and the atmosphere is excellent. Overall, a very fine dining experience.


Lellis Trattoria
Rua Bela Cintra, 1849 | Jd Paulista, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Lellias-Italian-Gay-SaoPaulo6 Lellias-Italian-Gay-SaoPaulo8 Lellias-Italian-Gay-SaoPaulo7 Lellias-Italian-Gay-SaoPaulo5 Lellias-Italian-Gay-SaoPaulo4 Lellias-Italian-Gay-SaoPaulo3 Lellias-Italian-Gay-SaoPaulo2

Thanks to the guys at BoyToy for the photos!

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