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  • Don`t carry you passport with you. Once you get to your hotel, have them make a copy for you and carry that with you. That is sufficient should you need it while you are away from the hotel and if you lost the original, it is a true pain in the ass.
  • Avoid using cash machines outside of banks and malls. I had one bad experience with this last year. Now, I use the ATM in my hotel or exchange my money at the banks or exchange booths.
  • I avoid using my Credit Cards as much as possible other than my hotel or bank or ATM machine. Last year, after a shopping trip to a very upscale mall in Sao Paulo, I got back to the US only to have over 20k charged to my card. Needless to say, it was a pain in the ass to get it all straightened out.
  • Don`t take a lot of money with you. Plan your day, take only what you need. Take ONE ATM card if you need more. Leave the remainder in the safe in your hotel.


  • Don`t wear expensive watches or jewelry. Keep them in the safe in your hotel. These things get noticed by the wrong people very fast.
  • If you take a camera with you, keep it in a bag that is not obviously a camera bag. Keep it with you at all times.
  • When you go to the beach, only take what you need. Don`t take things that are not needed. Don`t leave your possession alone unattended.
  • When you are in a sauna, keep an eye on your locker and check back into that room occasionally. I don`t leave very valuable things in my locker. While I have never had an issue with someone going into my locker, I have heard from friends that this happened to them.
  • When you take a boy into a cabin for a programa, when you shower, take your clothes with you. There are hooks in the bathrooms for these items and it is just a smart thing to do to keep your things with you at all times.
  • When you are at a bar or disco, don`t leave your drink unattended. Don`t accept drinks from others. When you get a drink, keep your hand over the top of it. This way, no one can put anything into the drink that will cause you to loose you common sense.
  • If you are into the street trade, don`t take someone from the street that one of your friends doesn`t know. Be very careful. A lot of the guys from the street are great fun but you should exercise caution. One thing that I learned on my first trip to Brazil is that I would not go with someone from outside of on the street or anywhere unless someone knew the guy. I try to stick to this rule.


  • Most hotels won`t let you have a guest in your room unless they have a copy of their ID. This is a good thing and for your protection. Always make sure that your visitor has proper ID and when you get to your hotel, walk them over to the front desk to leave a copy of the ID as required.
  • If you are new to Brazil, don`t walk around at night unless you are accompanied. I suggest taking a taxi. It is very inexpensive to take taxis in Brazil and it may keep you safe.
  • All the saunas provide condom and lube to you. It is wise to use them here. The rate of HIV is high and you need to protect yourself. If you are into bareback, be careful!
  • Ask your hotel for suggestions on restaurants and venues. They know many good ones and they may help you to find something you have not heard mentioned before.
  • When you leave the sauna, see all the charges to you bill and make sure they are correct.
  • A few simple words in Portuguese is very helpful. If you have Itunes, download the Portuguese Language guide. It is quiet good and just listening to it on your plane ride down is useful.
  • I have a hotel taxi pick me up at the airport. I find it more comfortable for me as I arrive with my computers and cameras.
  • Brazil really is paradise. Have a great time. Be safe. Be smart.

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Thanks to all the posters on Boytoy and to their Boytoy Forum for all the help and advice on these tips!

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